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          Shenzhen Dingchuang Laser Co., Ltd

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          • Auto Focus Visual Positioning fiber laser marking machine
          Auto Focus Visual Positioning fiber laser marking machine

          Auto Focus Visual Positioning fiber laser marking machine

           Visual positioning laser marking machine with CCD Camera

          This visual positioning laser marking system has three positioning systems: coaxial, pseudo-coaxial and paraxial. Moreover, the visual positioning range can be designed according to the field lens range, and the accuracy is optional. It can be equipped with Fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine equipment. It can be used for static desktop marking or automatic marking with assembly line.



          1. The visual positioning system makes small-size products "big" and solves the accuracy problem that traditional laser marking machines cannot control.

          2. Arbitrarily place the position and angle of the product, the vision system automatically captures it, without the need for fixture positioning, and automatically recognizes and marks.

          3. The marking position is accurate, without missing or re-marking, and the production capacity is 3-5 times that of ordinary laser marking machines.

          4. It can be equipped with assembly line or other automatic loading and unloading mechanism to realize automatic marking.

           Technical Parameters




          Visual positioning 
          Fiber laser marking machine                 



          Fiber laser

          Laser wavelength


          Marking speed

          ≤7000mm/s adjustable

          Position system


          Position accuracy

          ±0.02 mm

          Position time


          Marking depth


          Camera system

          Single CCD camera position/dual CCD camera position

          Processing Contents

          Vector graphics, text, barcode, QR code, etc.

          Power supply and work temperature

          AC 220V/10A/50Hztemperature 10~40


          Sample Show

           Application area 

          3C industry,auto industry,medical equipments, electronic components, IT industry, hardware industry, precision apparatuses, crafts, high-low-voltage appliances, etc.
          Especially suitable for some small parts or small letters, the positioning is not easy to be done by hand.

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